5 Crucial Tips for Equestrians to Reduce Stress

It’s undeniable that stress has become part of our daily lives. You can experience either positive stress like when you pull off your first mount or negative stress, like when you fail an exam and have to resit. Stress release is an ongoing process that requires you to learn new tips for when new stressful conditions come up. This could mean implementing a complex array of measures with several steps to reduce internal and external pressures for the equestrian.

Whether you’re a full-time equestrian, single mom or just a regular horse lover, research shows that time spent handling, grooming and riding horses can lower stress levels. It is expected because the thrill of the ride, inhaling the fresh air and the energy from your favorite horse can be extremely relaxing.

The benefits of horse riding for stress release are quite apparent. But what about stress management before and after the barn. Although you can buy CBD edibles online in Canada and parts of the U.S and have them delivered to your doorstep, here are five essential tips to help you release stress.

1.  Meditation

The daily routine of professional and family life can be very fast-paced and nerve-wracking, which is one reason behind the growing popularity of meditation. Regular meditation can enable you to take a step back from the harried routines of daily life and tune out the noise in your head. You either practice meditation alone or find one of the many apps, videos or websites to help you get started with guided meditation. All you need is a calm, serene, and quiet place. Once you get the hang of it, you can go to that zone whenever you sense your stress levels rising.

2. Use of Supplements

At times, all you need to release stress effectively is a glass of water and some supplements, especially if you know the right supplement to take. Some of the suitable supplements for stress relief  include:

  • CBD: CBD helps impede by interacting with cannabinoid receptors of the hypothalamus to reduce cortisol (the primary stress hormone) production. It comes in different forms and products like CBD oil and tincture. You can buy CBD edibles online in Canada and other parts of the U.S and have them delivered to your doorstep.
  • Vitamin B: B-complex vitamins such as B1, B3, B6, and B12 have demonstrated enormous benefits in easing symptoms of stress and anxiety. They can help lift the mood and balance blood sugar.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Taking omega-2 in high doses like 2000mg can alleviate anxiety symptoms to as much as 20 percent.

3. Proper Time Management

One of the best places to begin tackling any problem is at the source. An overflowing schedule is among the top causes of pressure and stress in most equestrians’ lives. Learning to say “no” might be the key to this puzzle.

However, it would help if you began by drawing up a weekly schedule at the beginning of each week. It must contain all the activities and duties inside and outside the barn. The discipline to follow through with your programs will help you manage your time effectively and free up your time to focus on activities you enjoy like horse riding, working out, or hiking trips.

4. Go For a Walk

Now you might want to put that free time to some good use. Stepping away from the computer or the barn and going for a walk outdoors will allow you to stretch your legs, get some quality time in the sun and take in the fresh breeze. Your walk doesn’t have to be in the wild or any trail.

Even strolling around the block or inside your building can make a lot of difference. While you’re at it, you can seize the opportunity to do some neck stretches and shoulder rolls. If you have enough time on your hands, you could even go for a run.

5. Sleep Well

Although every tip previously mentioned can enable you to release stress, if you don’t get enough sleep at night, you may not see the expected results. Not only will sleep deprivation slow you down physically, but also it can lead to mental distress.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, setting a fixed bedtime can help considerably. Once it’s time for bed, you need to put away your phone and stick to a routine.

#Bonus: Ask For Help

When everything else fails, you need to reach out to a professional for help. Preferably, it should be some who can relate to the life of an equestrian or knows a thing or two about horse riding. You may also confide in a close relative.

Taking the time to reduce the stress in your life requires trial and error and can take practice and discipline. Everyone has a unique biological system that works differently. Therefore, what provides one person with the best outcomes may not work for you. So these tips are not what you would call the silver bullet of stress.

Instead, you should see them as a set of complementary measures and practices that work collectively to help release stress and calm your nerves.

Take a deep breath and go riding!


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