Karoline Shaw
Barn Manager, Riding Instructor, & Horse Trainer

Karoline has been riding for twenty some years and has experience in a large variety of riding disciplines. When she is not in the barn with the horses or clients, Karoline enjoys spending time in the fields helping Tyler with farm work.

Tyler Shaw
Farmer, Hay and Straw Sales Manager, & Mechanic

Tyler spends his days in the fields doing a variety of things from checking crops, talking to landlords, to making hay. When he’s not in the fields he enjoys helping Karoline at the barn and talking to everyone that stops in to spend time with us at Maple Valley Acres.

We are Maple Valley Acres!

As owners and founders of Maple Valley Acres, we are first generation farmers and ranchers based solely off of the love of agriculture and animal husbandry. Tyler and Karoline both became immersed in this life as young kids, growing up in 4-H. From there, the passion grew and with great teamwork, that energy grew into what we now know as Maple Valley Acres. We continually strive to have a diverse business that allows us to share many aspects of agriculture with our community. Join us along the way as we grow ideas into blossoming new adventures for all!

Tyler Shaw and Karoline Shaw